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Letter From the Publisher

Laura Cavanagh

Hello and welcome to the Suburban Woman’s Web site where you can digitally turn the pages of current and archived issues of the Suburban Woman magazines as well as enjoy featured stories and information exclusively found online.  Please take a minute to answer our polls and unveil the opinions of other readers on topics ranging from health to Hollywood.  We warmly invite you to navigate the Web site, click and print our special dining offers and coupons and browse our business links.  We hope our user-friendly Website will be a helpful resource for you.

 Laura Cavanagh, Publisher

Montarra's Fried Green Tomato Caprice Stack

Fried Green Tomato Caprice Stack

Ingredients (2 servings): 

  • 2 green, med beefsteak tomatoes, sliced 3/4” thick 
  • 1 red, med beefsteak tomato, sliced 3/4” thick 
  • 4 oz “buratta” mozzarella cheese (sub fresh buffalo mozzarella) 
  • 8 lg fresh basil leaves 
  • 4 tbsp strawberry balsamic syrup (recipe follows) 
  • 2 oz extra virgin olive oil 
  • 4 oz prosciutto, sliced thin, cooked crisp 
  • 1 oz micro greens (sub baby arugula) 
  • 1 tsp black truffle oil 
  • 4 oz pomace olive oil 
  • 2 oz all-purpose flour 
  • 2 eggs, whipped 
  • 2 c Japanese panko bread crumbs 
  • sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

Set up a breading station with flour, eggs and bread crumbs. Have a plate with sliced green tomatoes, a plate with flour, a bowl with whipped eggs, a bowl containing Japanese panko bread crumbs and a holding plate for the breaded tomatoes. With your left hand, dip one slice of green tomato into flour and dust off, then dip into eggs, then place into panko crumbs. With your right hand, gently press tomato on both sides to finish breading process. 

Pan fry green tomatoes quickly to create a crust. Heat pomace oil in shallow/large skillet until 350 degrees. Place tomatoes in a single layer, and fry until golden brown. You may keep them warm in oven until ready to assemble. To assemble, place a fried green tomato slice on a plate, then use one ounce of burrata mozzarella, then one leaf of basil, then a slice of red tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper. Repeat with same ingredients, except red tomato, and stack is complete. 

Garnish plate with micro herbs, tossed in truffle oil, and place a bunch on top of stack. Drizzle balsamic syrup around plate, and use remaining basil leaves around stack. Voila! Enjoy! 

Strawberry Balsamic Syrup

  • 1 c balsamic vinegar 
  • 1 pint stemmed ripe strawberries

Place ingredients in small sauce pot. Bring to simmer over medium heat, and cook for 15 minutes. Cool. Puree mixture in blender until smooth. Sauce will keep up to 14 days covered in refrigerator.